How Social Media Optimisation can help you

What is Social Media Optimisation?

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is all about generating publicity to bring awareness to your brand or business and making sure elements of your website can be optimised for social media. SMO is essentially the process of creating and enhancing your social media plan, to get results. It can really benefit your business and help to generate leads.

Web Presence

To do so you will need to have a strong web presence and give your business the visibility it needs. Social media will help your reach and connect you with your audience, so if your website has good social media links, this will help drive traffic to those platforms. It is really important that your website has the correct tools in place to be able to do this.

Social Access

Adding sharing buttons is really useful to have on your website, this means consumers can share your content and encourage other people to take a look. This comes with having social access too, you can add in icons for your various social media and link your accounts. This is an easy way to encourage customers to engage with your social medias and invest more time into your brand. This is all about driving traffic to your platforms and conveying a sense of you being a professional brand.


Your site also needs to be captivating to the users. Try to use compelling words and headlines across the site to draw readers in and make yourself look more professional at the same time. This goes hand-in-hand with including keywords and on page elements. These also help with search engine optimisation (SEO) so are really important to have. On page elements are both the content on the page and the HTML source code that can also be optimised, as opposed to off-page elements such as links.

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You should also reward any social actions. If someone shares a piece of your content or comments on it, it is a good idea to like and comment as this shows you appreciate what they have done and it may encourage them to do it again. If people are sharing content for you because you reward what they do, you are easily getting a wider reach and more traffic to your sites, free of charge.

Being active and connecting with like-minded individuals will also help with SMO. Formulating relationships and interacting with others of a similar interest will give you industry insights and others who will be likely to help you in growing your online presence. It is really useful to help you strengthen your brand and get more visibility online.


When thinking about SMO you should also make sure your social media content is engaging. This is easy to do by including stories, videos and images and making your content visually appealing, ensuring users will engage with it. When making engaging content you also need to think about your target market and understand their needs. Try to focus on content tailored towards what they want to see to give them an incentive to share what you post.

If you make sure you use Social Media Optimisation on your website it is a simple and great way to grow your brand and online presence, by creating coherent social medias that can be accessed easily and show you as more than just a website!

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