How to boost audience engagement on Instagram

Audience engagement is an important part of growing your brand and generating leads. An engaged audience will stick with you and be loyal to your brand. Building an online community can help keep and gain customers while connecting directly with your audience and learning about their needs.

Check out the tips below on how you can engage your audience, encourage interactivity and create interesting content they will love!

Call to Action

A great way to boost audience engagement and therefore build a community is to create a fun space for conversations to happen. You can do this easily by finishing your captions with a call to action, which you can do by asking questions to your audience or adding subtitles to the videos you post. This will mean you are prioritising inclusivity which is really helpful for a wide audience. What you share also needs to be relatable and something that customers can easily interact with.

You can also introduce new products on your feed and demonstrate to your audience how to use them. This will let your audience know more about what you do and show them an insight to what your business offers.

Write strong captions

Your captions are key to keeping your audience engaged so make sure to spark interest and include useful advice, emojis and hashtags. These are all important elements as they will encourage your customers to keep reading and be more invested in your brand. If captions tell a story or are fun and educational, then people will be more interested in your brand and what you have to say.

Interactive stories

Canva is a great (free) site that will let you create stickers to use in your stories. These are a fun way to aid quizzes, polls and the emoji slide. Just simply create whichever design fits your brand and works for the story, then add it as the background.

Canva is also useful for creating animated posts and content across the app.

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Experiment with reels

Reels are another great feature to use as you can showcase products honestly and easily and give behind the scenes content.

You can find out more about using stories and reels here!

Work with creators

Creators are great to work with as it is a win-win for both of you. You get advertising for your business and they get to work with more brands, boosting their image. It helps to build trust by partnering with creators to recommend your products. You can create branded adds and team up with creators to tag your products, allowing people to shop via Instagram more easily. You may also want to create limited edition products with creators to give customers more of an incentive to buy.                                                                                                                                These are all simple ways that you can boost audience engagement and in turn, your online presence can generate leads into paying customers.

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