How to create an Instagram shop

Setting up an Instagram shop can help you introduce your business to people all over the world. Using the feature will let you tag products and collections so potential customers can browse your content directly in the app. It will also encourage customers to be more interested in your products as they have an easy way to buy. 

Perks of the feature

Using the shop feature allows you to create an immersive storefront and customise using collections. You can create sets of products for Facebook and Instagram and share them on stories and with ads. It means you can choose featured products to showcase and customers can view shop and browse easily. 

How to set up a shop

To set up a show you will need to confirm whether or not you’re eligible for Instagram Shopping, get set up in business manager and then build your shop in commerce manager. 

Step 1 – Confirm you’re eligible for Instagram shopping

Your account needs to comply with Facebook policies and you need to own a website domain that you can sell from. Your account should be located in a supported market, demonstrate trustworthiness and provide accurate information.

Step 2 – Convert to an Instagram business account

If you don’t already have one, go to settings on the app and choose “switch to professional account”. This will let you access many more features such as insights and display contact details, and of course, let you se up a shop.

Step 3 – Connect your Instagram business account to a Facebook page

This will let you display the shop on both Instagram and Facebook, giving you a wider range of customers.

Step 4 – Sign up for business manager

This is free to do and will let you manage accounts easily.

Step 5 – Set up your shop in commerce manager 

This is the last step in creating your shop and you can do this with commerce manager, which you can find in your business manager.

Shopping tags

You can easily tag products in feed posts, stories and lives to let your customers discover and purchase your products thorough your content. Use these tags as often as possible across your content. Try to tag 5 products per post and don’t overcrowd, this will boost interactivity as their is more choice for a customer. 

Finding new customers 

To find new customers you can create holiday collections to spark interest and interactivity. Make sure you promote the content using ads and product tags to drive traffic to your shop.

Don’t let your content expire and keep updating to be reliable and consistent. When posting on stories, turn on auto-highlight so they stay on your page. 

How to create collections

Try to group your products into collections and keep them organised so customers can browse themes. 

Locate your shop in the commerce manager and select edit. Then select ‘+Add’ create a collection and choose how you want it to look by selecting ‘create new collection’. Then name the collection and select products from your catalogue to include items. You can customise by adding a description and image, then publish!

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