How to use Instagram stories to gain followers

Instagram offers powerful tools for your growth 

Instagram is a great tool to help promote your brand or business and generate leads. One particular aspect is Instagram stories. By using them regularly and posting engaging content, this will help keep your audience interested and wanting more.

Instagram stories have many different features to encourage creativity and interactivity with your followers. The more you make the most of these features, the better! So here’s how:

1. Location tagging

This is a great tool to help your engagement rate and give yourself more exposure on Instagram. By adding a location it will help you show up more in searches and make it easier for potential customers to find you. If the location is popular, you may not be as easily seen, if it is less popular, you may be one of a few and this will help you stand out from the crowd, so bare that in mind. It is a good idea to use them as often as possible to give you a higher chance of being seen by more people.

2. Polls and questions

Polls and questions are another great tool to use to create more engagement with your followers. You can use them for a range of questions and they will encourage people users to interact with what you post. Both are a simple way to engage with your followers (so they remain a loyal follower) and give you the opportunity to see how people are reacting to your stories, if they vote they are more engaged, showing you if your stories are doing their job. A win-win, the more followers that engage with your brand on Instagram, the more widely your content will be distributed, and as a result, more followers.

3. Profile mentions

This is another great way to help your reach and gain more followers. By tagging people it gives them the option to share your story and their followers will then see this and check out your profile. It’s all about trying to get your content into more places across the app, similar to location tagging.

4. Giveaways

Giveaways are really useful in encouraging people to interact and share your content. If you are a personal trainer for example, a giveaway you could do is a certain amount of hours free coaching. People could share your post on their stories, tag friends and have to follow you to enter. This is really simple for them but will mean they have to share your content to enter, giving you a wider reach and more followers. You can then easily choose a winner and it won’t cost you too much, but the benefits will be great. You could do this on a calendar basis or at follower milestones, if you reach 5k followers the giveaway could be small, getting bigger at a larger milestone.


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5. Q&A’s

Question and answers are also crucial in gaining more followers. You could do weekly Q&A’s for example, and give your followers a chance to ask you any questions. This will give you a great insight into how they are engaging with your brand and anything you could do to make them stay as customers.

6. Filters

Instagram stories offer a range of filters and these are a really fun way to keep followers entertained and can also be used to maintain your page’s aesthetic! They are also great to show off your brand’s personality and connect with your audience. The filter could be something that includes your branding or part of a social media campaign to gain awareness for your brand. Creating a filter is simple and will add a creative and fun element to your stories.

7. Hashtags

Hashtags, similar to location tagging, make sure what you post is seen more widely across the app. When you add hashtags to your Instagram stories, the stories also appear in hashtag search results. Hashtags are one of the most common ways people search for new content on Instagram, if you use the right targeted hashtags for your brand, this will increase your chance of being found by potential customers. Using specific hashtags will help you to not get lost in the more popular ones, giving you better exposure. This is a great way to gain followers easily as stories with hashtags will be seen more.

8. Quizzes

Another way to interact with your audience is to use the quizzes feature on stories, here you can ask a question and your followers can vote for the answer. You could use these for a range of topics and is another fun way to make your stories more interesting and engaging!

All of these are great ways you can increase your followers on Instagram and make your feed all the more creative and exciting! What do you think about it? Share this article if you’ve found it useful!

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