How to make the most of social media to grow your brand and online presence

Why are social media so important?

In a world where most people are on some form of social media, it is important to make the most of this tool and use it to your advantage. This can be by advertising yourself or your business, reaching a wider audience or using it as a place to share content and engage with potential clients. By using platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, you can grow your brand and generate leads.


The more active you are on social media, the more people you can reach. Being active essentially means Instagram itself will recognise this and help promote your account, they won’t do this for inactive users. Regular and consistent posting will also help to grow your online presence as users will see you as reliable and keep following you. It is all about keeping the followers you already have and giving non-followers a reason to follow you. You need to keep users engaged.

Being active also involves interacting with content that you like. Commenting on posts will show people you are interested and help to give yourself a good reputation. People will see your comments and if they like what they see, be encouraged to visit your profile. If you don’t interact and post very often and lack consistency, people may forget about your account and lose interest. Fortunately, Instagram has made this fairly simple by adding creative ways you can make engaging content.

Instagram has great features such as: stories, highlights, reels, IGTV (Instagram TV) and Instagram lives. These are all great ways you can create loads of exciting content to keep users wanting more. Each of these elements allows you to create the image of your brand, that can be coherent with other social medias and your website. For example, Instagram allows you to post the same content directly to Facebook. When you are about to post, before clicking ‘share’, simply select the option to post to Facebook (this can also be done for Twitter and Tumblr). This easy feature lets you stay consistent across social media platforms.

Another way to make the most of Instagram is using location, hashtags and tagging accounts on your posts. Adding a location to your posts is a useful way to make sure it appears in more places across the app, and therefore helping you reach more people. This is similar with hashtags, the more you use, the more places your post will appear. This will drive traffic towards your content as people search for posts to interact with. You can also tag other accounts as this will appear in the tagged section on their profile and encourage people to look at your post. So if you worked with a brand or person, it’s a good idea to tag them so they can share the post and tag you too, encouraging more people to check out your account!


To create brand awareness it is important to use various social media networks. Not everyone is on Instagram for example, so it is useful to cater to those who may be using other platforms to connect. Facebook is more about sharing images and written content. Instagram is great for quick videos and posting pictures, but Facebook comes in when you want to share more than that. In terms of growing your online presence, Facebook is helpful because you can connect easily with like-minded individuals or businesses. Joining a group on Facebook may prove beneficial… Say, for example, you are a personal trainer looking to meet more clients in your area, a community group can be a great place to meet clients and have people support your business. This is a small step to grow your online presence as they can like and share your profile to friends and family, instantly giving you more reach than you had before.

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Facebook also has stories and lives to help you create engaging content. Another great feature of Facebook is that when someone likes your post, that person’s Facebook friends will see they’ve liked it. This means by simply posting, you increase the chance of reaching a wider audience, just when someone interacts with the post. They also have the option to react to a post, giving you a great indication of how people feel about your content. This is useful to know when trying to grow your brand, as in a very short space of time you can see what people are thinking.


YouTube is another excellent place to grow your online brand and social media presence. Here you can easily share videos to showcase your brand and give viewers an incentive to stay with you. For example, if you promise one video per week, they will be more likely to subscribe as they know they are getting regular and reliable content. YouTube also allows for personalisation on your profile, so it is easy to be consistent with your brand to give the appearance of a ‘package deal’. They can follow you on different platforms and see your business as a multi-media brand.

Commenting on YouTube also has perks similar to that of Instagram and Facebook. When people see you engaging with what they comment on your posts, they will be more inclined to stick with you because they see rewards. Think about how it may feel if, for example, a celebrity responds to your comment? You are more likely to stay loyal to them as they engage with their followers. This applies on a smaller scale too, if you interact with your audience it brings a more personal level and shows them you care about your followers.

Many of these tips are transferrable across different social medias, but it is important to understand how social media can be used to your advantage. It is an amazing way to be seen as a brand and gain a wider audience. With interesting and appealing social media content, clients or customers are more likely to stay with you, then go elsewhere. So why not create a strong online presence and use social media to grow your brand?

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