What is Personal Branding and what is it for?

Many people talk about personal branding but does anyone know what personal branding really is? Let’s leave the definition of personal branding to wikipedia. I would rather tell you what my idea of this discipline is.

In my opinion Personal Branding is nothing more than the ability to “sell ourselves” and create empathy with others. That’s right, empathy. That’s what marketing is all about. And Personal Branding is nothing more than the effect of effective marketing applied to our person.

We are there with our values, our history, our choices, our ambitions, our skills and competences. And then there are them: people who discover us for the first time, those who instead belong to our lives, those who follow us for some strange reason and those who still do not know that we exist.

The magic begins there. In the intersection set, when we think, we own, we tell, we want the same things that our audience thinks and wants. The Personal Brand begins with sharing. It is a game of minds, of esteem, of envy, of respect, of ambition.

Phrases like “I would like to have that person’s life”, “I would like to hire that professional”, “I would like to work with that entrepreneur” are a consequence of an effective Personal Branding. Right now someone is visiting my blog and is thinking something similar.

This is why I refer to Personal Branding as an autonomous asset able of generating interest in your person in an automatic and passive way. It is not we who sell our personal branding, but it is our personal branding that sells ourselves.

But how do you do Personal Branding?

You definitely need a platform. I like to refer to the platform as a virtual extension of our person. I mean any channel that can tell our values, our history and our skills. A social profile, a blog, a podcast, a youtube channel are all great platform examples.

The Platform spreads our values and gathers an audience around them. He does it 24 hours a day, even while we are sleeping, working or just relaxing on a beach. When I was a kid, I was pretty good at winning Monopoly. It wasn’t that hard. It was enough to buy the land before the others did. Friends ended up passing over our properties and having to pay our taxes. With that money we then built the houses and the hotels needed to win the game.

The funnel personal branding is a “path” of awareness where the user, reading our content, takes confidence with our person and our way of thinking. As people descend into our funnel, the relationship they build with our personal brand is transformed. You go from a stage of first knowledge, to one of awareness to that of empathy.

At each stage different contents correspond to each other. We can hardly propose a blog post of 5000 words to a person who does not know us (unless our Personal Branding is extremely effective). Micro-content, such as images, aphorisms, short Facebook posts are therefore a first opportunity to contact.

They have the role of demonstrating our value, our ideals and our results. The goal? Generate hype, interest and curiosity about us. Only in this way we can make people become more interested and enter a “deeper” phase of our funnel.

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